Missing Data Plate

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Missing Data Plate

Post by countryliving73 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:11 pm

I've acquired a single wide mobile home that "was" my father's home. He passed away in 2015. I seem to be missing a piece of paper called the "Data Plate". I have a serial number I retrieved from the outside by the back door and that too does not match my states database. The first two digits that suppose to be the state in which this was made in is "MY". It does NOT have a 17 digit serial number, rather it's only nine (9) digits long. It has a name of Century, but I don't know if that is the manufacturer name or the model name.

As far as I know this mobile home was moved from a mobile home park and placed on an acres of land (in the woods) in 1990. I have no clue as to when this was actually manufactured and by whom. It has thicker outside walls (2x6) than typical single wides being 2x4's or 2x2's. It has a peak (not round) roof, but still has that annoying flat sheet metal that flexes in windy weather. It has corrugated sheet metal siding with NO underlayment Same brown carpet throughout. Same vinyl flooring in kitchen, bath & laundry area. Cathedral ceiling in kitchen & living room, but flat ceilings in front and back bedroom. In 2006 I helped my father install double pane windows as he had problems with the single pane windows frosting up in the winter.

Been running into some issues not having that Data Plate. Who made this, where it's made at, when it was made, how it was constructed, wiring type, plumbing type, furnace size, insulation amounts, etc, etc. How do I go about in obtaining this information?

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