Releveling with concrete block piers

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Releveling with concrete block piers

Post by Mneighoff1 » Fri May 25, 2018 10:58 am

Back story: My home is from 1990, in very poor condition, is on property that frequently floods (while surrounding properties are damp, at worst), is not anchored in any way and doesn’t appear to ever have been, and has been leaning something fierce. I have a lot going against me so need guidance. I used a waterline level (a garden hose with two clear tubes on each end - I got the tubes as part of a kit on another website) and my assistant was my 7 year old son, so hopefully it was accurate lol. Measured 4 1/4” high on one end, and 1 1/2” low on the other. And visually, the I-beams look like they are shaped like a wave.
Truthfully, we’d love to move or replace it with another used MH, but money won’t permit it. It’s a constant balance of “put money into this project, or don’t waste it on something destined to be trash,” to the point where my wife won’t let us spend the money to anchor it.

I’ve just started jacking up and redoing the blocks & they all have a distinct lean to them in the direction of the lower side. I can’t figure out if I should simply do 1 column of blocks, a wood cap, and shims (all perpendicular to the I-beams) which is what MOST of the piers are currently, or make a further foundation of 2 parallel blocks, with the rest of the pier being that perpendicular stack. Sense tells me the latter as it should be more resistant to leaning, but my wallet says the first option. I can’t find any codes or regulations telling me what I must do. Any advice?

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Re: Releveling with concrete block piers

Post by klghammerdown » Fri Aug 30, 2019 7:05 am

hello,, as someone who did setup for a long time you need to get some pro help and please don't have your seven year old son under that thing. if its not anchored at all you need something hooked to the hitch to hold it and if its leaning as bad as you implied you probably need something hooked to the axle area when you take weight on a jack you could further cause the home to shift. please be careful the life you save could be your own. good luck!

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