Help! Replacing tub and styrofoam base

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Help! Replacing tub and styrofoam base

Post by sarahr2524 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:39 am

I am struggling to find a styrofoam base for under our tub. We had a tub that cracked and we took it out and there was a styrofoam base. We had to throw that out because it was unusable and damaged from water leaking. Now I cannot find where to find something comparable to the styrofoam base. I would be fine with having to purchase a larger piece and cutting it but I can't find anything similar!! PLEASE HELP!!! I've attached a picture I found online of what I am talking about!!

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Re: Help! Replacing tub and styrofoam base

Post by Mommaof5 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:50 pm

If your tub replacement was a metal or fiberglass tub (like what you would buy for a stick built home) then you should not need it. I just finished replacing the plastic tub that came with our home with a metal tub from Lowes. I asked them about the foam, and the answer I got was crazy simple: the foam is there to support the plastic because will become brittle after time and crack. With a metal or newer fiberglass tub, your tub is already very durable and therefore unless you just want it, it isn't really necessary.

Now if you have a hole in your subflooring where your tub was located, you may need to replace that. An older home that I used to live in had that problem. I just put down a new sheet of plywood and coated both sides with Thompson's Water Seal to protect it from any possible water leaks that may happen in the future.

I am just a do-it-yourselfer, but the tub I replaced 15 years ago is still in great shape and has never had any problems. I saw that you hadn't had any responses and thought I would share my experience in the hopes that maybe I could be of some help.

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