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vin #'s

Post by Brenda » Thu Feb 09, 2006 1:18 am

I am having trouble getting financing on a manufactured home. It is permanantly affixed and taxed as real property. the problem is that it is a doublewide - 52 x 26, but the appraiser only listed one VIN # on the appraisal report. the underwriter is saying that if there is only one VIN, then it is actually a singlewide. from what I've seen in my web search, there should be a serial/VIN number on each section. There also seems to be more than one identification number required on the home - the VIN and a HUD tag #. What is the difference and should there be two of each of these numbers? We need this resolved asap or we'll be out of contract.


Re: Vin #'s

Post by rmurray » Thu Feb 09, 2006 6:36 am

Manufacturers have many ways of assigning serial numbers...Most multi-section home will be like 12134A and 12134B often expressed as 1 number 12134 A/B...One in the SE numbers 12134L and 12134 R or 12134L/R

There would be 2 HUD numbers...1 for each side of the home...They can be found on the little red tags affixed to the long sides of the home....

This underwriter proves some of them must go to the school of making customer lives hard...The appraisal report should have pictures of the home..which will clearly show Thia home is not a single section..The appraisal will also have the dimensions...The original title will have the proper serial number on it...At one time there were always 2 titles on double sections...but many states have gone to saving money and only now issue 1 for the mult-isection homes..This underwriter has supervisors...The loan originator should be in the bosses face...

If the appraiser expressed the number with 2 letters on the end..he/she is actually saying there are 2 with each letter..

Good luck dealing with a dummy..

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Re: vin #'s

Post by justame81 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:45 am

oh please help me! We are also trying to refinance and now all of a sudden our mortgage company is saying "oh you have a manufactured home"? We have had the mortgage for over 8 years! Now they want to know about a title we have no idea about. Our home is a 28 x 40 on a full finshed basement and the original owner placed it on this property about 16 years ago. How do I find the VIN# so I can find out if the previous owner surrendered the title? WE are getting no help from the previous owner at all and no one else seems to know what we should do! I know where the HUD info is and the plates on the outside of the home with the A and B numbers, but I do not know where the VIN#'s are. I cannot tear off all the siding without knowing where to look first. We have been trying to refinance for over a year and paid out 2 appraisal fees already! Any help would be appreciated

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Re: vin #'s

Post by rmurray » Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:18 pm

You are fortunate to have the original HUD label...The serial number IS the VIN number. It will be stamped into the cross member of the frame near near where you see the painted A and B..THE A and B numbers ARE the vin number..

You can get legal verification of the serial (vin) number and from IBTS a private firm that HUD contracts with to do this work. This is from their web site;

"IBTS assists brokers, homeowners, appraisers, etc. to verify the following information on manufactured homes:

•Label Number
•Serial Number
•Date of Manufacture
•Name of the Manufacturer
•Type of Home (single, double, triple, multisection)
•Location of First Shipment"

You can find them here;

Good Luck...

You DO have a manufactured home..

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Re: vin #'s

Post by David Oxhandler » Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:26 pm

The complete serial number, as pictured below. (This number may be either vertical or horizontal.) is stamped into the front steel cross-member of the home chassis by the manufacturer. The home's skirting or some siding may need to be removed to allow access to this serial number. On older homes, built prior to the HUD code you may need to look on the main "I" beam of the frame ... often on the front door side of the frame near the hitch end of the home. This information can also be found on the data plateif it is still in the home. Look for this in a closet or on the inside of a cabinet door The serial number may also be found on old insurance documents or through a search of building permits by your local building and health department from the time of the original installation. If you have the number off the metal tags that are on the back side (opposite side from where the hitches were) then click thru to The Institute for Building Technology... They can provide you unknown manufacturer data for specific homes from the HUD number on those tags.
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Re: vin #'s

Post by dawndd » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:02 pm

Please Help - I purchased a older MH - the owner did not have a title - but I figured I could apply for a lost one - I was given a bill of sale as well as received the tax documents for the township which had a serial number on it..
turns out there serial number is made up - i got the real serial number off the trailer and DMV says that this number shows up on 6 different "things" SOOO DVM said it would be easiest to get a court order that requires them to issue a title.
I have no idea how to do this .. I feel if I get a format I can do this myself. The trailer is not worth more that 2k but I want to do repairs and rent it out...

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Re: vin #'s

Post by Celtlund » Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:49 pm

As the home is worth less than $5k, can you take the seller to small claims court to force them to give you a proper, correct, and clear title or give you your money back? You don't need a lawyer for small claims court.

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