putting plastic under home.

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putting plastic under home.

Post by michelle » Sat Apr 17, 2004 9:12 pm


Bought a 1997 home on permanent brick foundation in very xcellent conditon. Just to keep things in tip top condition, I was told to put plasic underneath the house to keep moisture from coming up. The underneath right now in great condition per home inspector. Didnt know if that would be a waste of time do a preventative thing like that. I also heard about putting sand over top of the plastic or is plastic enough?

Also, without sounding too stupid, the kitchen floor has that cheap linonleum with those little indentions where dirt likes to settle that is hard to clean. What is the best cleaning formula to use without dulling the shine that will get up dirt etc. My swiffer mop not doing the job. Im used to ceramic tile that is so easy to clean. i lived in stick built house before but it was always so dusty and just old looking. first time i lived in a manufactured home.

Also one more thing, what is the trick to securing loose siding? There was a hurricane last year and some of the siding kinda popped out. is not secured all the way. I tried to pop it back in , but its almost like you have to stretch it to get it to pop back in. do you need a special tool? Also should i secure the siding before we power wash it? its just not secured in some places. I have it secured by duct tape right now so it doesnt flop in the wind. ..please dont laugh. thank you.


Re: putting plastic under home.

Post by mac » Mon Apr 19, 2004 2:42 pm

The vapor barrier is worth it; where I live (NW Oregon), it's mandatory. Never heard about putting sand on it.


Re: putting plastic under home.

Post by Shelly » Mon Apr 19, 2004 6:42 pm

Putting plastic underneath is a great idea!
We own a 1991 Fleetwood, and the previous owners put plastic underneath before it was set up and there is no damage whatsoever from the insulation coming out... We bought some land that had a 1980 Aladdin home on it and the previous owners DID NOT put the plastic underneath, and most all of the insulation came out... So from my experience, the plastic is a must! :-)
I hadn't heard of putting sand on top of the plastic either... We put concrete blocks/bricks to keep ours down... I also have heard of people using the longer nails such as roofing nails to hold it down... I think its personal preference what to use to hold the plastic down... But I would definately put the plastic under there to prevent any future expenses that could happen as a result of it not being under there... I just bought some that is 16x100 feet, and it cost about $40.00


Re: putting plastic under home.

Post by annaz » Tue May 18, 2004 9:28 am

Are you talking about putting plastic on the ground or attaching it to the undercarriage of your home? My view is if you want it on the ground, the only purpose it would really serve would be to have a clean area under your home. Proper landscaping around the home should keep your house completely dry underneath.

If you're talking about the undercarriage...we've always had a vapor barrier, so I guess that is a good idea.

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