Corrosion of Underground Skirting

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Corrosion of Underground Skirting

Post by Celeste » Mon Nov 10, 2003 2:22 pm

Hi. I live in Arizona and I recently purchased a 1980's MH with my boyfriend. The skirting is buried ("pit" set up), making the house appear to be at ground level with a crawl space underneith. The skirting is steel and is completely rusted through in some places. This has caused erosion under the house and we're wondering how extensive the replacement is. We are prepared to do the work ourselves, if possible. Can we put sheets of galvanized steel there? If so, should we access them by digging around the perimeter of the house, or will it be easier to venture into the crawl space?
What concerns me the most is the conrete driveway that runs the entire length of the home, and has a room added at the end. There's a porch the same size on the other side of the home. Both run next to the house, and are about 10' wide. Obviously it's impossible to excavate there, but if there's erosion under these areas, how would we replace and retain the dirt that's missing?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Re: Corrosion of Underground Skirting

Post by Neil » Sat Nov 22, 2003 7:39 am

Your metal skirt is corroding because of galvanic action and only using anodes buried in the soil and attached to the skirt will prevent it. This is how underground gas and oil lines are protected. However your skirts are attaached to the house and may drag down the anodes. Yous must maintain at least
-0.820 VDC to have galvanic protection. Sounds too technical--use plastic skirts,

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Re: Corrosion of Underground Skirting

Post by rpsibew110 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:49 am

Hello and thank you for reading.

I have the exact same problem. My wife and I just bought a manufactured home in Mesa, AZ and the metal skirting has rotted and now the concrete has been undermine. I understand the plastic skirt as a replacement that just make sense, but how to replace the eroded earth under the concrete? My only real thought would be to pump mud, the mud that would be used to raise concrete slabs that have shifted and are now not level.

What thoughts do others have about replacing the earth below the concrete?

Thank you in advance.

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