How to determine # Bedrooms were in old Mobile Home?

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How to determine # Bedrooms were in old Mobile Home?

Post by CraigJConrad » Fri Jun 24, 2022 9:44 pm

I recently purchased a piece of land that came with an older 10x46' Mobile Home. I didn't need the MH, but now I'd like to rent it out to recoup some of the cost (it's in decent shape for its age). It is sometimes referred to (e.g. in a tax listing) as a 1958 Skyline and sometimes (e.g. with the prior insurer) as a 1963 Skyline. We have found what might be part of a VIN, but it isn't long enough, and there are no labels in the unit to tell us more about it.

The problem is that the previous owners (back to the 1980s, at least) believe it was marketed as a 2BR model. It clearly has a bedroom (in the very back), and an alcove between the living area and that known bedroom. The alcove area is about 6x9.5' and just doesn't seem like a bedroom to me -- perhaps a nursery crib, but not a real bed. Why does this matter? Because I've learned that when you advertise to rent residential space, you can't turn away applicants for "too many people" if they have no more than 2 per bedroom. So, if it is 2BR, I have to accept a group of four. On the other hand, if it is 1BR, I am not allowed to rent it to more than 2 people.

I spoke to the County and, for a regular house, they have a set of conditions to determine if something is a BR, and this alcove doesn't qualify because it isn't at least 70sf. HOWEVER, they told me that, in the case of manufactured homes, the number of bedrooms was determined at the time of manufacture and can't be changed, meaning that if it was originally sold as a 2BR, then it is indeed a 2BR.

Anyone have suggestion for determining what it was at its manufacture time?

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