1958-1963 Skyline VIN Number?

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1958-1963 Skyline VIN Number?

Post by CraigJConrad » Wed Apr 20, 2022 2:52 pm

Hi. I just purchased an old Mobile Home. It has no Title. I know of the prior 5 owners, and know personally the latest 3 of them, though only the latest 2 are alive. It is listed with our NC county tax office as Personal Property described as a "1963 10x46 Skyline", with no VIN identified. The insurer (for at least the prior 3 owners) has it listed as a "1958 Skyline 45x10" and accepted it using "45`10" as the VIN, though I'm sure this isn't a real VIN, but representative of the dimensions "45 x 10" and/or the model number.

I'd like to locate the real VIN number. It is *possible* that I've found it, but it doesn't fit the format that searches suggest it should be. The number is "50-1234-58" (the "1234" isn't the real number, of course). I found this in the top of the tongue. I can't tell that there are any additional digits to the left or right of this, as the rust is significant. I've looked along the entire frame (the two pieces supporting the axle) and found nothing. Nothing inside the unit, either.

Does this look sufficient to be a complete VIN for that time period? Is there someplace else I should be looking? Is there anyplace I can go for help on this?


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