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16 days past the 61st day no notice given

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:41 am
by Mrsnow916+
I own a single wide mobile home in sacramento california and I received a 60 day notice to move or sell my home.

The notice was given to me because of two separate assalt occurances involving tenants in the park and me.

I was not the person starting either occurance but I did not end up the one
On the losing end either time either.

Any way I stayed wanting to go to court and rell my side because I knew I had a case.

Well this is the 76th day after being served a 60 day notice and I havent received anything no unlawfull detainer nothing....why? I am sure they realize they dont have a case but fbey are still not taking my rent. And the new manager wont talk to me she just says talk ro the lawyer