Old mobile home underbelly and insulation replacement

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Old mobile home underbelly and insulation replacement

Post by Fishfemme » Wed Jun 05, 2024 5:05 am

I live in a 1976 built double wide mobile home. The insulation under the home was falling out everywhere.
I have a handyman working on replacing the insulation and vapor barrier.
He has used rolls of paper backed insulation and tyvek as the vapor barrier. The tape he used to seal the perimeter of the mobile home is falling off. Some of the Staples he used are loose and come out easily.

I don't know now if he knows what he is doing.He said he would fix the loose tape. Said maybe he needs " to sand" the perimeter (??)
Hopefully the staples and tape are firm on the interior of the project.

I have lost some faith in him now.

Is what I am describing common ? Is tyvek okay as vapor barrier?
How should the perimeter of the home be prepared for the tape to stick ?

I am having to have the skirting replaced and the skirting pro has been waiting for weeks now to finish the project due to one handyman agreeing to do the job and then putting me off for three weeks before telling me that he is passing it on to this new fellow.

I realize this is a bitch of a job to tackle.

I'm concerned about the tape being solidly affixed and secure staples and whether tyvek would pass inspection were I to sell my place some day.

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